At INNERgy, We're Raising the Bar for Healthy Food and Beverage Distribution.

Our goal is to provide healthy vending machines stocked with fresh, natural, and organic products. We also operate a wholesale supply division which allows our clients to order fresh healthy products.

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INNERgy's Mission

Given your employee, students, or end users access to healthy snacks and beverages is proven to increase productivity, energy, and concentration by 25%.

Snacking healthy has also been proven to reduce heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. With the recent pandemic, we have adapted to the new "norm" in the workplace. We now are offering subscription packages to help those in the workplace have healthy snacks to get through their work day and life outside of work.

“We believe that everyone deserve to eat healthy and not break the bank”

We Are Growing Fast.

INNERgy is growing in the Pittsburgh area with more opportunities coming to help more corporations in the near future.

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Your Employees are Valuable!

Full and part time employees can spend 20-40 hours a week in their work environment and at least one meal and snack or two is consumed.

We Want to Ensure You're Nourished Throughout the Day in a Healthy Way.

From fresh fruits to organic snacks, employees are requesting that there be a healthier selection of products available in their workspace. At INNERgy, we are here to make that a reality.

Healthy Eating Leads to Lower Insurance Premiums.

A healthier lifestyle will save individuals money and can result in companies receiving less call offs and lower turnover long term. We provide a wide range of healthy vending machines and products to small businesses, large offices and coporations, co-working spaces, retailers reselling products to end users.